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Memes, memes, memes

What are my top-three most interesting memes? I’m glad you asked.

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We Are Wizards

Is Warner Brothers Humphrey Bogart-esque? (Courtesy of wehaveaprettygoodtime.squarespace.com)

Judging from this week’s documentary, the way people consume media and interact with others has changed exponentially within the last decade. Digital media participants have more power now than ever before to directly affect not only the media they consume, but what is produced.

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Group’s creative process

Some aspects of my group’s thinktank have progressed, while other hurdles remain. In our class, designed as a free-form period, we created an outline for our Day One video, including order, props and location. We also found a number of songs and sound bytes — from Day One, no less — to complement our own scenes in our video.

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Creative Commons

Check out three pieces of media I found that could be useful in my group’s video project for Day One:

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Reflecting on storyboard

It has been nearly a week since our group received the storyboard assignment, which allowed us to work cooperatively to create an outline for our Day One video.

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Working with the storyboard

The creative process our group undertook during class mostly manifested itself during the storyboard, minus one slight miscommunication.

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Process of the pre-storyboard

My group, which chose Option 2 for Day One, worked toward having a hook revolving around a scenario most college students identify with — alcohol as an intensifier of abusive relationships.  Coupled with the integration of social media, the prior factor provides an explosive arena for dating abuse.

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Google Doc-ing

I’ve had a fairly good amount of experience working with Google Docs, stemming from my work with Rutgers University New Student Orientation. Orientation relies upon Google Docs to effectively transmit information from the professional staff to student leaders, since most work during different times. The service is basically like an online flash drive, although I think it becomes “too much” at times with many different projects.

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Top-five midterm blogs


The blog above uses a stark contrast of colors and large photos to attract the audience. It might be the pop culture fanatic in me, but I appreciate the irony of using an old-school cartoon of white women gossiping with a blog that focuses on popular black culture figures.

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Midterm process

I found the process of creating a new blog relatively pain-free. The biggest issue I faced was trying to incorporate everything I learned in class into a few blog posts. For example, in only three blog posts I attempted to use video, polls, tags and categories to try to best convey a legitimate blog.

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